Saturday, October 3, 2009

Maxis Friend Finder "Found" Stolen Car

Image from Kwong Wah Press

This morning I was reading a local Chinese Paper when I came across a very interesting article. A 34 year old man in Falim, Penang lost his Toyota Camry along with his cell phone inside the car. He used a local telco service provider - Maxis to help locate his car. The owner, used Maxis Friend finder WAP service to locate his mobile phone which according to Maxis website provides the approximate location; accurate between a few hundred meters to a kilometer.
With the approximate location, the police was able to locate the car which was parked in another apartment parking lot in Air Hitam, Penang. The car was retrieved but unfortunately the poliece was unable to catch the culprits. For the original article (in Chinese) click here.

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