Sunday, February 1, 2009

Driving carefully

Festive season is a time were everyone heads home to be with their love one. However one must always exercise caution especially when on the wheel. It's a good thing that both Dan and I have a valid driving license so one can take the wheel while the other is tired and in need of rest. 
The picture above was taken along the North-South Highway, about less than 1 kilometer from the Jelapang Toll (Ipoh). The highway along that area is currently under expansion, so there are many road signs warning drivers to be extra careful. But I guess there are some individuals who thinks they are Michael Schumacher or Mika Häkkinen only to snap back into reality when their car burst into flames - at that point, all they can do is sit and stare blankly into space and wonder what went wrong. 
As we approached the burning car, I asked Dan to take a video instead of taking pictures. Luckily the driver and passenger escaped with little injuries (a quick zoom in from my PC shows the traumatized girl had a bleeding nose). 

After Dan had stopped the recording I drove by the burning car with caution as the heat from the flames was so bad that I can even feel it from inside the Ranger even though I'm at least 1.5 lanes away from it. Anyway, let this video image be a reminder for all to drive safely during the festive season.