Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fight at Kg. Gajah - 40 against 10

Kg.Gajah fight
Yes, news spread fast and before you know it, it's in the papers. When TK first blogged about it two days ago, I didn't think much of it. And today it was in the papers just proves how rowdy people can be when they don't get what they want. According to Sin Chew online news report, the event organizer Provice Event held a Press Conference at DAP's office (Perak Branch) to highlight this case which happened on Saturday 10th January 2009 at Kg. Gajah. Yup, shocking isn't it? A simple track right in the middle of no where meant for drivers to test their skills on the track can turn out into a fighting ground. Anyway with this news out on the papers, I think Kg. Gajah cannot be considered as 'middle-of-no-where'.

Now based on the news report, the event organizer was charging MYR5 per head per view. If I may say, it's quite pricey for an individual who's just there to sit at the grand stand the whole day and stare at cars making circles on the track. One fellow visitor refused to pay and made a big fuss about it. And when tempers flare, so does their arms and legs. In the end, there were broken bones, bruised eyes, damaged equipments and probably some dented egos. But according to the gossip version, the very fellow visitor was only a young boy. Being a village juvenile, it's no surprise he can't afford for it. It seems that while he was being ushered out rudely, he dropped his slippers (oh ya... Cinderella style!). And then ran home and cried for recruits. Which then lead to a big rowdy crowd armed with sticks and stones and what-ever their hands can get hold of marching straight to the track. In the end, same thing - broken bones, bruised eyes, damaged equipments and dented egos. 

Now I was not at the scene so I don't know what exactly happened. But one thing for sure is that being an organizer you'll just have to be extra careful when dealing with people, especially those revengeful kind. Or you'll never know what hit you.

Image source: Sin Chew Online

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Extreme Colors

One way or another, cars reflects their owner's personality. From those who seeks great attention by doing a little paint job to those who seek greater attention by up sizing what ever their money can buy.
First, we have the Fuchsia Pajero. I'm guessing that this owner is either female, gay, or some guy who likes attention. With all the extreme add ons (see that black pipe by the driver's side?) and body lift, it looks like a car fit for off road. But with that shining new Fuchsia paint job, I doubt he's going into the jungle anytime soon.

and a Lemon Lime Saga. Nothing extreme about this car except it's brightly painted spray which anyone who passes by would notice. Anyway, I wonder if this car glows in the dark??
Then there is this Outrageous Orange Wira which I've yet to take its picture as I do not have the time yet. But no worries, that owner is a local dude so I get to come across that car very often in town...