Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kg. Gajah - My First Time

Despite yesterday's event being the most quiet event I've EVER attended, it was still the funniest and most 'happening' event I've ever participated - and I mean it when I say I took part. But before I start talking crap, let me tell you a picture story...
At about noon time yesterday, Ah Wei said Lao San had met an accident while on his way. So Dan quickly drove the Ranger with Miki and I in the car while Panda and Fujiwara83 enjoying the breeze at the rear end of the Ranger
Fujiwara83 & PandaWhen we arrived the site, there was already a tow car waiting to 'fish' Lao San's beautiful white Vios (I prefer to call it White Rat ... 白老鼠). Luckily the Ranger is equipped with winch so Dan slowly pulled the White Rat out of the ditch. Anyway, it's a good thing that all passengers escaped unhurt.
White Toyota Vios AccidentAnd after the tow car hooked the White Rat to be towed back to Nibong Tebal, we drove back to the track but this time with Panda and Ah Wei taking the back seat instead.
Panda & Ah WeiThey couldn't help but enjoy every minute of the journey as Dennis prep up the Ranger beyond the trunk road speed limit. Ah Wei even managed to have a puff but could not control his body balance on every corner.
And the back in the track and it was time to set up cones for Time Attack. Despite continuous drizzle, many still managed to put up a smiling face for the camera.
Among the many cars that was there was a FUCHSIA Wira which had break lights installed at the BOTTOM of the car... God knows WHO on EARTH needs break lights installed at the bottom of the car! But TK was quick to stop this guy from entering the tracks since he did not register himself (just a guess, cos I didn't see him enter the tracks during Time Attack).
Fuchsia WiraAnyway during Time Attack, Suhaimi in a black wira spun out which the Ranger was called in to save the day. All that was needed was a jack to lift the car and pulled out 7 (or 8) rotten tires stuck at the bottom.
Oh yes, the boys sure had a good laugh when they found out how many tires were stuck under there!

And we have TK looking gloomy ... For some reason unknown to the photographer
Touge KingAnd of course, Chloe and Lai Kuan enjoyed themselves atop the Ranger.
Chloe & Lai KuanThe picture below is taken from Jeremy Chin's blog. Clockwise from left : Fujiwara83, Chloe, Lai Kuan, Panda, Jay, Dan and me (on the wheel)
I do have to admit that my camera is like a child's toy compared to Jeremy Chin's Cannon DSLR but this is the best shot of my Hubby's Mango speeding straight along the Grandstand.
TKA Mango in Kg. GajahAnd since my 'toy' was in the bag when I took my first lesson on the track with my Ranger, the only picture I could show is my certificate.
Kg. Gajah Time Attack Certificate
Basically, I had only one round to understand the track (warm up lap), 2 tries and one cooling down lap (4 laps in total). Even though I end up being the slowest car of all, I had a good time. Ah Wei even had a hard time figuring out what category does the Ranger belongs to - which was then settled in the Open Class Category. Anyway after the event, I drove the Ranger straight back to Nibong Tebal with Ah Wei and Miki fast asleep like giant babies...

PS : TK if you're reading this, I've emailed the original pics of you and Chloe to your Gmail. And thanks again for letting the Ranger onto the track (^^,)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Well, in less than 10 days we will be ushering the new year. While everyone preps up for the last event of the year this monday, I'll be busy revamping my blog AGAIN. Hopefully you'll get to see the new PiKA by New Year's Day!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ugly Cars - One's Beauty is Another's Eyesore

Ever since joining my hubby here in Penang, I've realized that there are so many people who loves personalizing their cars! They will do anything they can to make their car look different and special from others. So since I've got lots of involvement with cars right now, might as well practice some photography and start taking pictures of cars that I think looks ugly. But of course I will erase the license plate as to provide the poor soul some privacy - though I'm guessing that someone among the many many visitors of my little blog spot would recognize the car.
Ugly Car - 01

Why I choose this as my first Ugly Car is because the owner is someone I know personally - AND he knows I'm blogging about it! Well the reason why I found this car ugly is because the the rear spoilers sticks out at the back of the car like a sore thumb. Now I come to understand in the basic theory of fast cars is that you need these to keep the butt of your car down so you don't float (or something like that... but any kind samaritan reader who wishes to correct me please feel free - thank you). However with a gab big enough to fit a baby panda through, would only create an 'uplift' from that gap during high speed! So like it or not, that ugly spoiler is not only ugly but also not practical!
Ugly Car - 02

This car I also take it as ugly because it's color. See how it blends with the grass in the background? And this color is what my beloved friend Miki would call it 鸭粪绿 (duck poo green)! Now mind you, I took this picture when inside a vehicle so there is a bit of color distortion from the windshield. So the actual color that I saw is worse that what's shown. Even though this car's rear spoiler is a bit of an eyesore but is not as bad as Ugly Car 01.

Believe me, there are uglier cars that I've seen apart from this two. But once I get the chance of taking its pictures I am sure I will upload it!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Saturday Night Races

So on the 6th and 13th (that's like two saturdays ago and last saturday) we had a small gathering one at our home and the recent one at Lun's home. There was no specific reasons other than having a little get together before Lun's departure to Australia for work. Anyway, I took the opportunity to learn from the chef - which is quite cool to prepare meals for 10 in under 2 hours.

So after a nice meal, it was game time. Dan took out the PS2 and all was hooked to projector for many hours of battle on tracks, roads and off roads on Need for Speed.
Game on - Lun vs Dan
Game on - Wei vs Dan
Game on - Small TV looks better - Lun Vs Chean (Wei looks super excited O.0)
By the time the adrenaline rush was over it was 3am.
Then again, last Saturday we had another get together - but this time at Lun's home. This time I didn't take much photos of the guys battling out on the average sized TV as his two little dogs were much more attractive. Anyway, here's the one and only pic I took that turned out okay...

Oh well, at least one shot is still better than nothing!