Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jalan Jalan Cari Makan

Picture from www.daylife.com

Yesterday night Dan and I headed to Chean's place to collect his Mango which has been sitting in Chean's shop over the weekend. As usual, we were chatting in the car through out the entire journey. Once we made a turn at the Hospital we saw a road block. Dan quickly slow down as we approached the block and the police straight away called us to stop at the road shoulder.
As standard procedure, the police ask for Dan's IC and driving licence and checked the car's road tax. There were about 6 officers manning the roadblock and I saw none of them holding a walkie talkie. After checking, the police ask "tau apa salah?" while the both of us gave him a blur face and uttered 'huuh?' He repeated his questions numerous times and we looked at each other pondering what have we done wrong. The second officer approached us and told us that we had ran the red lights. Dan looked at me and asked in Chinese 'was the light red or green when we passed?' and I said 我不知道 (I don't know). I continued in Chinese 'isn't the red light only applies for those who are going straight?' The officer then asked 'apa macam skrang?' Dan and I kept our silence for a while as the agitated officer continued asking 'apa macam skarng...langar lampu isyarat' Dan replied that he didn't see the lights was red and also mentioned that the red lights at that junction only applies for those going straight while those turning left has always been green. We then continued our small talk in Chinese while both the officers walked away to talk to a third who was scanning every passing car. It was then Dan said 找吃的 while I nod in agreement. Moments later, the second officer called us to go. So Dan said thanks and drove away. For a moment, I sigh of relief as I knew very well that I did not bring my drivers licence and if the officer wanted to check me, I would have had it. Yet at the same time I was angry that the police still resort to this method to get extra 'earnings'. What's worse is I felt bad for the van driver in front of us earlier. It's by far obvious he has flaunt the law by ferrying people beyond it's legal limit and at the same time we can see that the driver and it's people inside the van looks like they are from the lower income group. It sure disgust me to see the police officers that would even have the guts to extort money from a poor man...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Prep-up for comming Track Day

Hokay... So the track event is another two weeks away. Many are up and busy tuning their cars while I just make sure that Dan make sure that my Powered Ranger is in tip top condition when I take the wheel from Bukit Merah all the way to the Track.

This time, I won't be driving the car alone with the walkie-talkie - I've got a friend to come along! At the very least, I won't get bored during the two hour cruise from Penang to Kg. Gajah and later in the evening cruising back. However this time, I'm not exactly sure about how the Sunday crowd will be and can't even predict the ever unpredictable weather. But anyway, I will sure try my best to take as many pictures of Dennis in his juicy Mango. So anyone who is interested to be part of the picture, do make chase when you see the TKA Mango on the track!