Friday, October 31, 2008

New Transportation Mode?

Okay. This machine is like all over town! It was sold openly in Baling town and almost everyone was riding one! I don't know where can I get one of these in NT, but it sure would be cool to have one of this! By the looks of it, it's obvious that it's brought in from China, with all the Chinese writings all over and it's even got a 'license plate'! I'm not sure of the price but if small town folks can afford it, then it shouldn't be all that expensive. Honestly this motor-powered bicycle should be the IN thing. The authorities should implement the usage of these machine in universities and encourage city folks to use it! It's environmentally friendly, it's a good exercising machine (ie cycling from one end to the other end of campus) and it's cute! Well, like any two wheeled vehicle, this one doesn't provide any shelter and I don't think this machine would last long in our country's climate.
Anyway, as far as my observation goes, most of these motored-bicycles here are mostly owned by old folks while the younger generation prefers driving four-wheeled vehicles...