Saturday, September 20, 2008

Power Ranger - How I fell in love

This is a little story of how I fell in love with this big machine. It was some time last year when Dennis drove down to KL in the Ranger. Actually Oddball fell in love with it before I did because that pick-up was like her personal limousine! I like the Ranger initially was because I didn't feel nauseous when sitting in the car. I can chat with Dennis from the start of our journey till the end without the need of sour plums or Mentos! 
But I began to appreciate this vehicle more when I was the one behind the wheel during one of our journeys from KL to Penang. Feeling tall and huge, it was a big advantage for a person like me. Many of my friends (new and old) was surprised that I can drive such a huge machine when my then love bug was a green metal melon not even half it's size! But that surprise was not as surprising as my FIL's comments - 'She can DRIVE?!' Even though that was a comment made a long time ago, I can still remember it and it still sounds very funny!
Anyway, I am not the only one who loves this machine. Even some of Dennis friends who had the opportunity to drive it says its a great vehicle. In fact one of them said when the Ranger is at traffic lights, he can see passengers of other cars who's skirts were just short of exposing themselves! Well, this guy may be a pervert, but there are some truths said especially when the cars are low and some girls just love to wear short shorts or short skirts. After all, which man wouldn't love to look at a pretty girl in a pretty dress?
So as the Ranger get a few more sessions at the workshop for maintenance; I'll be looking forward for a great ride back to KL for the coming Raya...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Green Hope

A few weekends ago, Dennis and I went for our second movie in the past 9 months of staying together in Penang. Come to think of it, it sounds little. But truth is we've been downloading movies and watching at home. Anyway, in the most recent cinema trip, we watched WALL-E. It was almost like a Mr. Bean movie (minimal speech, actions says it all) after all a picture is worth a thousand words. 
Well today while Dennis was clearing some of his things from the Ranger he found something intriguing!

Plants growing in a partially hidden compartment above the mud guard. Well, since we often park the car under the trees, it's no wonder leaves would get stuck at that small cosy dark spot. By the way, the last time I cleaned up that place was in July right before the Kg. Gajah trip. But I guess with the constant rain (and leaves) falling into that little gap, any plantae would love to germinate. The leaves of this new occupant are slight yellowish due to the lack of sunlight. But if left alone it's anyone's guess on what is to happen...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mango at work

Dennis has not been updating his blog in the past two weeks. But he has a valid reason - Mango is back for good!

Well, instead of having the Mango at home, Dennis cleared the factory with enough space for his little Mango to sit quietly while he takes his long sweet time to fix his juicy ride. With the Mango inside the factory, it sure does attract a lot of attention. After all, boys will always be boys - thy loves anything with wheels!