Saturday, August 30, 2008

Busy Bee

Gosh, time flies and I've not been blogging for the past month! Well, I've been quite busy these days that I don't even have time to read blogs let alone write!

Kimball informed me the other day of his intentions to visit me in December with his bunch of F6 friends while on a 'hunt' for insects for his biology project. Dennis didn't mind, so I gave him the green light with condition that they won't mind sleeping on mattresses or on the cold hard floor since we are not in a great hurry to furnish our newly brought home.

A few days later, I caught a funny looking insect (it's got 6 legs, so automatically it's in the insecta class). If anyone reading this knows what insect is this, I do appreciate it.

The side profile of the creature
It's funny how a simple call from Kimball could trigger my 'science-instinct' to catch bugs as I used to back when I myself was in F6. I could still remember arguing with my project mate I will never agree in putting a cockroach into our project display even though she doesn't mind doing the catching and pinning any species from that Blattaria Order. But in the end we still had a roach in the box as the specimen she got was considered a 'big beauty' by our teacher!

So I'll be looking forward in joining Kimball and his friends for a round of bug catching!