Thursday, July 24, 2008

无聊ness Strikes Back!

OK. For me as a blogger, being 无聊 (wu liao) is normal. And the 无聊 bug usually 'attacks' a person when there's nothing to do. These few weeks has been a slow business week. The staffs took advantage of the free time to wash their motorbikes / cars. Then Dennis joined them to wash the Ranger. So while washing the Ranger, he decided to create an artificial water fall...

Seeing the water splash out from the back was totally cool! I guess when we start having kids I can start turning the Ranger into a mini-swimming pool..... (*devil's grin)...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Kg. Gajah – A Day of Rain and shine

On Sunday morning, Dennis and I decided to take a slow cruise from Ipoh to Kg. Gajah. Not really knowing how to get there, I used TiBO™ (the GPS) to be our guide. With the TiBO™ in the Powered Ranger with me on the wheel and Dennis in the Mango, I took the lead in a slow and steady drive from Ipoh to Kg. Gajah. Instead of using the Tualang route, the GPS machine calculated a different route; leading us through the town centre, Menglembu and then to Kg. Bota before reaching Kg. Gajah. Despite the long distance of 75km, it was a fun ride as almost the entire journey is straight four-lane traffic; with little bends or corners. Unlike the Tualang route that is not only has two lanes but also a winding and uneven road; which would slow drivers like me even though the journey is much shorter. When we arrived, the Penang convoy was only ten minutes behind us. Dennis quickly parked his car under an oil palm tree by the entrance and I took the opportunity to take pictures of the Mango with the grandstand building as the backdrop.

When the Penang convoy arrived, I managed to get a few shots of some of our friends. However, most of the pictures did not turn out as well as I have expected as the heavy rain clouds looming above us created a very dark environment (and I forgot to turn on the flash… oops). The morning session was sunny and I had many good shots of Dennis and his Mango.

Nevertheless, I guess the happiest person on that day would have to be Snappy Scav – his happy face caught on my camera. Finally he had the opportunity to drive the Mango on the track!

As lunchtime approaches, the sky began to pour. Drifters cheered as they lined up to entered the track. Dennis took his Mango with Ah Wei 哥 beside him and tried to drift under the rain. I was in the grandstand while Miki 姐, Ying姐, 老三哥 and many others took shelter under the grand stand and watched the cars drift by and splash water all over. However, due to inexperience, Dennis lost control for a moment and came crashing into the crowd under the grandstand (which included our three special friends). Luckily no one was hurt in this incident as everyone managed to run for safety. Ying姐 managed to get the whole incident on camera – which was very brave of her to continue filming despite the Mango charging into her direction. The clip below is copied from 老三哥's bloggie and Danny managed to get this shot right before the Mango 'charged' towards the crowd below.

After lunch, was the mini race. Since Dennis did not join, Miki 姐, Ying姐 and I took a nice little nap in老三哥’s cooling Toyota Vios. Again the same fella won the race but this time there was something more interesting – a young lady joined the race too. Don’t really know who she is, but she was so cool. Maintaining speed with the second last car all the way from start to end. As the day draws to an end, drivers and drifters throng the track for one last time while Dennis and I begin to pack up and head home. On our way home, we saw numerous buses racing each other neck to neck at most streaches along the highway. There were some who even over took us. At that time I was too tired already to push the Ranger faster and Dennis was already soaking in sweat (mind you Mango has no air cond) so we maintained at 80-100kmph along the highway.

Generally there was far less participants in this event; probably cos it was arranged too near the previous event. Nevertheless, I believe many had a fun time.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Prep-up : Kg. Gajah

There will be another open day in Kg. Gajah this coming Sunday organized by TougeKing. This time, Dan and I won't be leading any convoy from Penang since we will be in Ipoh a day early to check Mango out of 'Uncle Choy's Hospital'. During the previous trip when there was two convoy groups Wei 哥 and 老三哥 lead the super fast group while Dennis and Chean took care of the scenic drivers... Well can't call them slow cos they are faster than L drivers. At certain points of the journey, I really felt like stopping by to take photos; or at least if I wasn't the one driving, it would be nice to take some photos. Anyway, between driving and taking pictures, I think I prefer driving ^^,
So while everyone gets ready for this Sunday event, I'll just start sleeping early so that I don't have to crave for nap times while everyone else is burning rubber on the tracks....

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Would you eat this?

Ever since the petrol price increase, business has been slow. So some of Dennis's friends were so free, they could spend almost the entire day with us just for a cuppa; while some others were so busy trying to make ends meet that you can't see them for a long period of time. Anyway, a couple days ago Dennis's friends drop by and Dennis decided to have dim sum for breakfast at a friend's restaurant. While I looked into their 'pao' steamer for some buns, I saw something intriguing. And I ordered it ^^,

A funny looking bun (馒头). Well, looks can be deceiving. It very much looks like a pile of poop but it's actually sweet potato bun; so it is quite yummy (sweet). According to our friend (owner) it's self made (not outsource). So the first question that pooped up was "can't you make a better pattern?" While Dennis gave a more honest (brutally direct) statement "it looks like sh*t"... 
Oh well, in the food industry you do have to be 'special' in order to stay ahead of competition. But I guess some people just took it a step too far

Flexing my rusty fingers...

Well, I've left uni for more than a year now and it's been some time since I've last done some programming. The only time I make use of my programming skills is to help Dennis develop his webby (which is still under construction as there are limited graphics on absorbers on the Net) and some simple softwares to keep a record on his customers. 
Anyway, since I am quite free these few nights, I decided to play around with the CSS style sheets for my blog. I guess programming is like maths; you have to practice everyday and keep on learning as you progress. So this is how my bloggie looks like right now, and I'll see if I can make more modifications to 'beautify' my little space on the world wide web...
P.S. The Header changes every time you refresh this page ^^,