Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lost and (not yet) Found

When you have a little work shop in the middle of no-where and people come all the way from far far away just to get their absorbers fixed, they tend to leave some things behind. Among the most common items are lock nuts. This however is something new...

Behold a baby's bottle! Some kid's mom left the bottle behind while probably in a rush to leave. Well, with the current condition of our work place, it's no wonder why these ladies are in such a rush to leave. There's been every intension for both Dennis and I to upgrade the workshop into a more comfortable place for people to sit and wait. But with the kind of baboons he hired and the mentality of some so called 'rich customers'; it will have to be a take-it-or-leave-it deal. So while I wait for anonymous to arrive and pick up the baby bottle, it will sit there for a very very long time...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Yawning on the track

So yesterday was Open Track day at Kg Gajah but it didn’t seem to work it’s magic like the previous trip. Dennis spent the entire Saturday fixing his Mango and the more he fixed the more problems he discovered. Well, cannot say much since I do not know anything about cars except that it should be able to move when I press the accelerator and stop when I press the breaks.

Dennis only came home at about 2am on Sunday and was back on his feet by 5am because our phones could not stop ringing! By 6am we were already in Gunung Semangol rest area arranging the convoy. I did not bother counting how many was tailing us (I was still in sleep mode) but all I know is that I could not see Chean the middle marker of the convoy for the entire journey let alone Tommy the sweeper.

By 8.30 we arrived at Kg Gajah track with the help of Dennis’s Tibo the GPS. We could have been faster if everyone had talkies and knew how to take their lines along bends and curves instead of slamming on the breaks at every turn. Oh well, not everyone is lucky as I to have a personal tutor to teach me techniques of driving (not taught in driving schools) 24/7.

Anyway once arrived I joined Miki 姐 with the registration and I was pretty much stuck there at the registration table the entire morning, thus missing most of the excitement on the track. But at least the registration table was in a nice spot where we get constant nice cool breeze and shade while others seems to sweat under the sun and/or near their 'toaster-cars'. Basically my entire day was much in a daze, as I did not have enough sleep so right after lunch Dennis and I took a nice sweet cool nap in the Ranger right until evening.


Fast forward 3 hours later I was awaken by the raving sounds of engines during the mini race. By the time I sat up right, the race was over and I could see TK giving out prizes to the winners. Oh well, they had their fun so it was then my turn *evil grin*. Dennis still did not give me the green light to drive the Mango as even he himself has not fully control the silent monster let alone allow Little Miss Clumsy to the wheel! Therefore, I had to settle being the passenger pinned to the seat and camera glued to her hands!

By 5.30 the place was almost deserted and those Village Bikers began to invade the track I took the Ranger with Han and Dennis to pick up the cones. Finally, I had my chance on the track with the Ranger rolling at 40kmph! Even though it was a slow move but the fun thing is that I was the one driving ^_^ one full circle around the track with my personal tutor by my side. Again, this little ‘event’ of me driving the Ranger was not photographed because we were in kind of in a rush. And since Danny came up with a T-Shirt design specially for the Track Event, I agreed to take a group photo of them! The picture above from right: 弟(younger bro),熊猫 (the pet), 兄(elder bro)

By 8pm we were at Ipoh to send Mango back to the workshop for paper work. After dinner and chit chat, we head straight back home with me again on the wheel while Dennis lay half dead on the passenger seat...

Friday, May 16, 2008

Shopping for tools

Since Dennis has his own Mango, it's logical that he keeps his own tool box to fix his car during emergencies. So we got this huge tool box from a local supermarket a week ago and decided to fill the tools up from our regular hardware store (its cheaper since we are regular customers). I companied him to the store with a mental checklist of things we needed and started filling it up. Even though we did not fill the box up to the brim (filled 60% full only) it already weights  20KG! Anyway, it is a plus point that Dennis is mighty strong and lifting heavy objects is not a problem. So after spending an hour plus picking and selecting our tools, we checked out with a bill totaling RM600-00! 
RM600-00 spent in just an hour. If a lady were to buy clothes of that amount in that amount of time, she would be criticized and condemned. But for guy to buy tools and gadgets of that value is never wrong! ^^,

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pikachu's addiction

For any famous bloggers in certain countries, being MIA (Missing in Action) for two weeks would probably equate being locked up in the you-know-where and charged by the you-know-who's for doing you-know-what's. I on the contrary was caught up with something else. A new addiction which drained me of my inspirations to update my blog. Furthermore, Mango is still stuck in 'Uncle Choy Specialist Centre' so I don't really get to touch the Ranger *Sob*Sob* (but at least I get to drive the Ranger back from Ipoh when Dennis picks up his Mango this Sunday... whoo hoo!)
Anyway, like all games, there's addictions. Meet Pikachu's addiction - a dumb blond who starts with an IQ of 70 and increases with a click of a button, learns how to be a baker in 3 days (8 days to be hair dresser) and you can buy Bimboland's currency at USD20 for 66000 Bimbo Dollars (no speculation here, Bimboland's currency is packed against the USD and I doubt it will fluctuate against any commodity prices)

I started off by playing Miss Bimbo the English version. Nothing difficult. Just a girly virtual world where it's all sugar and spice and everything nice.

And then, there's the French version of Miss Bimbo which is actually the original versio. WHICH is more interesting to play because there's more variety in clothing, bags, shoes, hair styles, etc., etc., etc. (read more choices, longer surfing period), BUT everything is so much more expensive. Comparatively speaking, the English has less choices of clothes, but everything is cheap (you can buy quite a number of things with 1BD (Bimbo Dollars)) while the French is just the exact opposite. Basically the quest for both games are identical so getting your way around the French version even though you only comprenez l'anglais. So I can only play the mini games (to increase IQ, confidence a.k.a. Bimbo Attitude and $$) once every 24 hours, thus I traded my blogging time with Bimbo Time. Since I am done for tonight, I shall return back to Bimboland in another 24 hours time. Until then bonne nuit and Au revoir!