Monday, April 14, 2008

Pikachu can cook!

Sunday night's dinner. An initial dinner plan for 2 couples ended up being a dinner for 4 couples instead. The original plan was Dennis and I to have a home cooked meal with Wei哥 and Miki姐 but somehow ended up having TougeKing+Chloe and Ah Yoong+Ping over. Don't get me wrong, it was really nice having friends over for a home cooked meal instead of just eating out and as they say, "The more the merrier". Even though it was a rush to prepare so many dishes in under two hours but it was a fun 'cooking-war' for Dennis and I! In fact the both of us was so afraid that there would not be enough for all. The only two dishes that was right out from the packet was the sausages, the potato wedges and the soup (not in picture). The meatballs, mashed potatoes, nuggets and veggies were all prepared from scratch. Anyway, it is unfortunate that they couldn't stay for long as it's Sunday night and we all had to work the next day. It's was comforting that most of the dishes was nearly finished, or probably it's because they were starving and that was their only choice...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

First Love(s)

OK, so last weekend I was back home (KL) for my grandma's birthday. Since I was there, I decided to take a picture of my darlings. 
Meet my K9 companion and her ride 我的美人 (read My Melon). Oddball is no ordinary dog;she is a liver-brown spotted Dalmatian,  loves car rides, craves for durians, enjoys eating bread and thinks that the microwave is her personal food warmer!  My Melon has taken her to many places including the vet, university (yes, I smuggled her to Uni once cos it was on the way to the vet's and I've got somethings to submit) and public parks for doggie-events. Basically Oddball loves getting into cars regardless of shape or size, was as long as there is a window door of opportunity, she will be in it before you can call out her name! She too loves the Ranger as in her simple logic mind, the Ranger = Dennis is here = daily car ride around the housing estate!
As for My Melon, it's my precious! She's a stock Savvy and she can't get any plastic metal surgery until her loans are settled (by direct orders from General Mommy). So for now, My Melon can only ferry it's passengers from home to office (or where ever the driver wants to go) and an occasional joy ride for the 4-legged lover...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Safety Comes First

OKAY. So after Sunday's Kopitiam Tutorial on Safety Driving (Tutored by Zogee ) I did some googling to further add some metadata into my hard disk. 
Now when it comes to English, you can use many words to describe one item. Same goes when it comes to driving. Drivers, racers and instructors may use different terms on a particular action so it's best if one know the common (local) variant so one won't get lost in translation. One site recommended by Zogee is and another that I have looked into is and if you are a video person, go to newbie drivers (that includes you Kimball!) check out
The above image on flags is taken from HPC website. As mentioned earlier, different people may use different terms and in some cases slightly different flag code but generally they mean the same. So next time when you see a meatball flag, it's NOT lunch time...