Saturday, March 22, 2008


Okay. This actually happened a couple months ago. While we were looking for a parking at a shopping mall we happened to find an empty spot right next to another Ranger!

Of course, my Ranger is bigger and meaner. But the unique thing here is that the add-ons are just about the same. Spot lights, winch, bull bar, color... So what are the chances of two almost identical machines meet? Not really common for a Ranger...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Defensive Driving @ RM750.00

Now a couple of months back, the guys at the club actually persuaded Dan to join a defensive course by a Sean Khoo. Of course, if you are being taught by a professional, it sure comes with a hefty price tag. People like me would be thinking "RM750?! Do you know how many bowls of bird nest soup I can drink with that amount of money?!" But like it or not, track driving isn't a cheap hobby. (Duh~! like everyone knows that from day one) Anyway, Dan's car happen to break down just two weeks prior to this course. So, like it or not, he had to sit this one out.

Well, well, well. Behold the professional Sean Khoo in Ahn 哥's Bimmer.

Totally insane! After seeing this clip from those guys who were there, I did kinda wish I was there too. Which came to make me think that it's better I end up spending RM750 on defensive driving instead of pouring it out on some silly course by EPF for employers on "How to fill out EPF and SOCSO forms". But I doubt Mr. Sean Khoo would ever want to do a Donut with the Ranger!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Kg. Gajah Open Track Day - The Pikachu Story - Pt 2

Saturday, March 1, 2008, 5am

Lack of sleep, everyone crawled their way out of beds (and sleeping bags) with squinted eyes and messy hairs. Today, most of the participants are fleshies with no track driving experience what so ever. Dennis and I took our long sweet time, since we are there as sponsors. It has been raining since the night before and the sky looked like no signs of stopping. The track was wet and everyone looked as gloomy as the sky.

After unpacking our things, Dennis went about to with his own agenda while I stayed at the booth. Then out of the blue, Wei哥, came running and calling for Dennis saying there was a herd of water buffalos invaded the tracks and he needed the Ranger to chase them off. I told him I had the keys so he, Lao San and I hop onto the Ranger and started to chase bulls~! Well, unlike cows, these massive creatures were not only huge but also fierce! It was scary yet exciting!

The herd finally took off after a few more revs and honks. We then head back to the grandstand for the event to begin!

Sometimes common sense isn’t that all-common. I mean if you want to join a track-driving event, you should at least make sure that all is in proper order right? However that’s not the case for one dude who paid the price of ignorance; which became our first tow of the day. His original automatic Proton Wira has not changed gearbox oil for quite a while. So after a couple of laps on the track disaster struck! The already thicken oil burnt causing the gearbox to be non-responsive. After much checking and waiting the out come was that he had to get his gearbox replaced and that poor boy already fair face became even paler (can’t blame him especially he was only a student and that was Daddy’s car!) Since there was no mechanic nearby, his car had to be towed all the way to Ipoh to get it fixed.

After the bunch of newbies had their turn on the track, it was the instructors’ and sponsors turn on the track! So while Dennis had his fair share of driving on the tracks (and constantly getting overtaken by faster cars) Danny and I kept close watch over Dennis and Mango from the sidelines. After like 10 laps or so, his car began to over heat. Steam burst out from under his car and he was quickly flagged out of the tracks by the marshals. After the car cooled down, Dennis inspected the car but found nothing wrong. So in the following session, (despite my objection) he decided to take Mango for another round. Fortunately, his car overheated right before the Buffalo Bend (the same spot where the buffalos were first spotted, so I called it Buffalo Bend) and he managed to turn off his engine and steer it off track. This time, I took the wheel of the Ranger to pick up my poor hubby and his Mango. To my disappointment, no body I know had taken any pictures of me in the Ranger in action!

At the end of the day, the Ranger was on the tracks for a few times (towing cars and rearranging cones). I was thrilled because not only I got to drive the Ranger (reverse flow) on the tracks but also got a car ride courtesy of Wei哥. Woo Hoo~!

To be continued…

Monday, March 3, 2008

Kg. Gajah Open Track Day - The Pikachu Story - Pt 1

I'll be splitting this blog entry into 3 parts. It's just too long to put 50 hours of fun and adventure into words (hehehe) so here goes part one

Friday, February 29, 2008, 10.00pm

All gears were packed and we met up with Wei哥, Mickey姐 and Chien. It's the first time I was driving the Ranger for such a long distances and especially it's at night. But I still have to pluck up the courage to bring this mean machine down which will double up as tow truck.

Mickey sat with me the entire journey especially when all 3 guys were afraid that I MIGHT fall asleep on the wheel. So our journey was filled with laughter and girl talk all the way. Oh yes, when girl talk is on, eyes and ears are 'awake'. Our journey from Nibong Tebal to Kg Gajah via the old trunk road took us almost 3 hours. Well you can't expect much especially with a driver like me who dare not even push the accelerator hard and felt that driving 60kmph on a truck road was 'good enough'.

Half way pass Terong, we stopped by for a light meal before continuing out journey. There I was given pep talk and some advice on how to keep up (I was deemed 'way too slow'). We all know that the Ranger is huge and tall so chances for it go out of control is obvious. But there are techniques to control the vehicle and make it move smoothly on bents and curves at reasonable speed without much need of pressing the breaks.

After our light meal, we continued our journey. Barely 15 minutes on the road it began to rain. Instead of slowing down, I picked up speed! I forced the Ranger closer to Wei 哥 (FYI who don't know: in a convoy, when you tail a leader closer it's an indication for the lead car to move faster) who was leading the pack. Dennis in his Mango kept his distance because he knew his tires are weak on wet roads while Chien the sweeper stayed close behind Dennis. Perhaps it’s because the second part of the journey has more straight roads than the first part, so I could confidently increase Ranger’s speed up to 80kmph. Or maybe its because I've just eaten and got some energy! Anyway, in the midst of driving some of the bents, we came across 3 pigs! YES~! 3 pink piggies by the roadside! At first I thought I was seeing things as we were actually passing by a Malay village. But after confirming with Dennis over the walkie-talkie, I was very sure we saw pigs!

Not too long after that, we finally arrived at our destination. It was already 1.30am. Tired but happy, we checked into our rooms and called it a day… but our sleep was interrupted by the following convoy team from Penang which left at 4am!

To be continued...